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  • Information regarding the release of Factions

💯 Factions Release Information 💯

As many of you know, Factions has been down for maintenance for well over a month. I have been putting in most of my time lately into making sure Factions will be released very soon! The release is actually right around the corner! The server will have lots of new things that weren't ever going to be added before, such as: Tags, Monthly Crates, KOTH, PvP Map, Custom Mobs and drops, Quests, TnTWands, Wild TP, Factions Top Displays in chat, Envoys in Warzone, Coinflips, Chunk Busters, and breakable obsidian (with TnT)! We are looking forward to releasing this soon, but sadly we still have a small player base. So invite your friends to play so we can hold tons of events, giveaways, and wars on Factions!

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