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Hello Andromedians (trying something new, give me ideas for something new if this isn’t okay)! I’d like to address an issue that came up this week that was resolved but will have its drawbacks. As you all know we had merged with a smaller server to bring you all more servers to enjoy. We planned for big things since then but they were cut short once we realized what was happening behind our backs. So we decided to cut out some of those messed up people, but in the process refined some of our behind-the-scenes procedures. We are still planning to release a server this weekend and we would love your feedback when it's out. Our plan is to release Skyblock back out with some extra features and fixes. We also are reworking a few features on our discord server to keep everything cleaner and more community-friendly. Recently I also added an invite management bot to track invites that'll also begin to grant roles and soon, rewards. I want to entice you all to invite your friends and even random people, as it will then benefit us all. Such benefits would be a larger player-base which means more people to talk to, play with, and become friends with. We're also adding more custom emojis to the discord server so that you all aren't limited to the basic emojis or even none! I would like to thank you all for staying with us through all of this confusion, it means a lot to us and we will be continuing the development of our servers. Hopefully, you'll all stick with us while we begin to release our servers and hopefully give us that feedback. -The AndromedaMC Team

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